Ph.D. (Robotics and AI)
Socially Intelligent Robots and Societal Applications, Human Robot Interaction, Cognitive Architecture, Learning
43, rue du Colonel Pierre Avia
75015 Paris
Head Principal Scientist (Chief Scientist)
Scientific Coordinator - Collaborative Projects
SoftBank Robotics (formerly Aldebaran Robotics)
Paris, France
A 'Voyager' and The Voyage...
Researcher and Explorer in the vibrant Galaxy of Robotics 
My journey on the planet Earth begins from Buxar, a historical Indian city, on the bank of river Ganga. Moved to Noida, on the bank of river Yamuna, for graduation. Then mobile robots fetched me to Hyderabad, on the bank of river Musi, for Masters. Attracted by Humanoid robots, flew to Toulouse a beautiful scientific city in France, on the bank of the river Garonne. Today, with my Robots, I still exist on the same planet Earth, at Paris, on the bank of river Seine.
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  1. What I Envision
    What I Envision
    Developing Socially Intelligent Robots: Supportive, Understanding, Nice and Useful Robot.
  2. What I Know About
    What I Know About
    Robotics and AI: How robots should plan Intelligently the Interaction, Task, Action, Motion and Behavior, for Human Environment and with Humans. How should they be capable of lifelong learning.
  3. What I Work At
    What I Work At
    Across the cross-sections of Human being, Society and Robotics & AI. Widening and strengthening their intersection.
  4. What I Care About
    What I Care About
    Societal Applications of Robots: Robots for betterment and wellbeing of People and Society.
News and Events
  1. Keynote at Social Robotics WS, Humanoids 2015
    Keynote at Social Robotics WS, Humanoids 2015
  2. Organizing Robot's Social Intelligence WS, ERF 2015
    Organizing Robot's Social Intelligence WS, ERF 2015
  3. Organizing ICAR 2015
    Organizing ICAR 2015
  4. Guest Editing Springer's IJSR-DevSoR
    Guest Editing Springer's IJSR-DevSoR
  5. Organizing Robot's Societal Application WS in ERF 2014
    Organizing Robot's Societal Application WS in ERF 2014
  6. Organizing Social Robotics WS, IROS 2015
    Organizing Social Robotics WS, IROS 2015
  7. Organizing HRI WS, ERW 2012
    Organizing HRI WS, ERW 2012
  8. Organising Robot and Smart City WS
    Organising Robot and Smart City WS

Short Bio

Dr. Amit Kumar Pandey is Head Principal Scientist (Chief Scientist) at SoftBank Robotics  (formerly Aldebaran Robotics) , Paris, France, also serving as the scientific coordinator (R&D) of the collaborative projects. Earlier for 6 years he worked as researcher in Robotics and AI at  LAAS-CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) , Toulouse, France. At LAAS-CNRS, in 2012 he obtained his Ph.D. degree in Robotics (title: Towards Socially Intelligent Robots in Human Centered Environment), delivered by INSA (National Institutes of Applied Sciences), University of Toulouse. He is among the three finalists and the second prize winner (tie) of the prestigious  Georges Giralt Award for the best Ph.D. Thesis in Robotics in Europe , awarded by European Union Robotics (euRobotics) . With full fellowship, he obtained his MS by Research degree in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Robotics, in 2007 from IIIT-Hyderabad, India. There his work at Robotics Research Lab (IRL) was selected among top research projects in India to showcase at Microsoft Research TechVista, 2007. He obtained his B.Tech. from JIIT, Noida, India. His current research interest includes Socially Intelligent Robots, Human Robot Interaction (HRI) and Robot’s Cognitive Architecture and Lifelong Learning. On these aspects, he has been actively contributed in various national and European Union (EU) projects as well as involved in their design and proposal. Among other responsibilities, he is the founding coordinator of Socially Intelligent Robots and Societal Applications (SIRo-SA) Topic Group (TG) of euRobotics  (the European Union Robotics Community) , and active contributor in the Multi-Annual Roadmap (MAR) and Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) of euRobotics, which aim to shape the future of robotics in Europe in collaboration with European Commission (EC) through PPP SPARC (the largest civilian-funded robotics innovation programme in the world). He is also the recipient of  Pravashi Bihari Samman Puruskar 2014 (Non Residential Bihari Honour Award) , for Science, Technology and Education category, which is one of the highest level civilian honors, awarded by the state of Bihar, India.

Research Interest

At the intersection of Human being, Society and Robotics  & AI
Developing Socially Intelligent Robots for betterment of Society, towards addressing societal challenges and needs through robotics technology.
My focus is on uncovering and addressing new challenges, which are being evolved, as robots have started to co-existing in a human centered environment.
Contributing in the design and development of theory, frameworks and algorithms for Task, Motion and Manipulation Planning and Learning for robots, which apart from assuring safety, enable robots to behave in a comfortable, intuitive, socially acceptable and socially expected manner. 
Through What?

Robots, who have shared good times with me

Aldebaran/SoftBank Robotics robot family: Nao, Romeo, Pepper